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Great maple story guide

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:52 pm

Step One:.
Download all the following files to your desktop.

[url= ] MySQL Server 5.0 [/url]
MySQL Tools
Java SE and Netbeans Cobundle
Java Cryptography Extension Unlimited Strength Files
[url= ] Moogra 1.9.3 - Edited and Repacked [] [/url]

Step Two:.
Install the Java SE and NetBeans Cobundle.
After installation extract your 'Java Cryptography Extenstion Unlimited Strength Files" to your desktop.
After extraction, navigate to:
"\Program Files\Java"

Upon reaching this destination, you should see two folders:
"jdk1.6.0_07" and "jre1.6.0_07"
(If you are unable to locate these folders, then you have not installed Java correctly and please repeat this step again)

Copy all the files from the 'Java Cryptography Extension Unlimited Strength Files" folder that you extracted earlier to your desktop and paste them, overwriting any other files with the same name, to these locations.
In the folder "jdk1.6.0_07" paste the files to "jre/lib/security"
In the folder "jre1.6.0_07" paste the files to "lib/security"

-Step Three-
Install MySQL Server and then install MySQL Tools.
During configuration of the MySQL Server, check the Standard Configuration and install it as a Windows Service. You will also be prompted to change the root account settings, uncheck this and make sure the boxes are greyed out before proceeding.

-Step Four-
Extract "onegaiBox - Repack" to your desktop.

-Step Five-
Open up MySQL Browser, if you followed my instructions above correctly you should be able to login with the below credentials:


Server Host : localhost
Port : 3306
Username : root
Password : [blank]

Once logged into your MySQL Query Browser, press "Ctrl+N"
You should be greeted with a prompt to "Create a New Schema"
Name your schema "odinms", and press Ok. A new schema should appear on the right hand side of your browser.

-Step Six-
Go to:
"File > Open Script"
and navigate to:
"Desktop > onegaiBox - Repack > SQL's”
Open up "odinms.sql" and execute it (green button on the top right corner).

Do this for the other .sql file
You are now done with your MySQL Query Browser for now, you may close it.

-Step Seven-
Navigate to:
"Desktop > onegaiBox - Repack > [] - Moogra"
Open up "" with either WordPad or Notepad and remove the password, or change it to whatever you may have set it as.

You're Almost Finished!

-Step Eight-
If you're MapleStory client is version 0.55 you may skip this step and move on to Step Nine. If not, please continue.

If you do not have version 0.55, you will need to download the client from a mirror from elsewhere, as currently MapleGlobal is on version 0.58. Below is a mirror from FileFront:
FileFront Download

-Step Nine-
You will now have to port forward.
OdinMS runs on ports 8484, 7575 and 8888.
The easiest and simplest way to do this is to visit:
Find your router model and forward ports on both protocols "TDP" and "UDP"
It doens't matter which game you choose, any will do, you're just looking for the tutorial on how to port forward your particular router.

-Step Ten-
Now, all you need to do is to open your .bats in THIS order:
REMEMBER to leave at least a 5 second gap between opening each batch file.

Run "localhost.exe"
Login with:

Username : onegaiBox
Password : password

Congratulations, you have successfully created your very own private MapleStory server!

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