How to auto give new players premium, stats, mapcodes etc

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How to auto give new players premium, stats, mapcodes etc

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:45 pm

There are several different ways of giving mapcodes, stats, alz and other things but all require several individual edits. There is a much much easier way but i have not seen anybody share it yet so here you are.

Most people know you can make all new accounts premium my editing the cabal_tool_registeraccount stored procedure in the account database but in case you don't look for this line in the stored procedure...

values(@UserNum, [COLOR=Red]0[/COLOR], [COLOR=Blue]DATEADD(day, 100 , getdate())[/COLOR], 0)

The red number is the account type. 0 is a free account and 1 is charged (premium). The blue number is the expiry date (the dateadd function is adding 100 days to today's date). Simply change the 0 to 1 to make all new chars premium and change the 100 if you want them to have more than 100 days of prem.

Here are the prem types from SAUR0N's client synch patch:

I have squashed the columns up a bit to get it all in but the actual column titles (in left to right order) are:

[DurationSvc] = The row index. This always starts at 0 and increments by values of 1.
DurationSvcIdx = The premium ServiceIdx number
Type = Not completely sure. I *think* 0 means premium expires by expiry date and 1 uses the PayMinutes values and counts down the minutes until expiry.
Exp = Bonus EXP
SklExp = Bonus Skill EXP
Drop = Bonus droprate
Craft = Bonus craft EXP
CraftSuccess = Bonus craft success
Inventory = Extra inventory tab
Warehouse = Extra warehouse tab
Str = Bonus STR
Dex = Bonus DEX
Int = Bonus INT
Attk = Bonus Attack
MgAttk = Bonus Magic Attack
AR = Bonus Attack Rate
DR = Bonus Defense rate
Defense = Bonus DEF
MoveSpeed = Bonus move speed
SP = Bonus EXP
UseSP = Not sure
BombAlz = Bonus Alz bomb rate
Inventory2 = 2nd extra inventory tab
Warehouse2 = 2nd extra warehouse tab
dummy = Use of training dummies

So, from this you can tell that a DurationSvcIdx of 1 gives you an extra 25% to all exp and drop rates and 200% Alz bomb but no training dummies. DurationSvcIdx of 2 give you the same, but Skill EXP is at 50%, you get 2 extra inventory tabs, 1 extra warehouse tab and access to training dummies.

Now comes the interesting bit. Execute the following statement in the account database and then try making a new char, it should be level 150 with a full mithril set and lots of points to add.

update cabal_newflagdata_table set chardataidx=8, etcdataidx=8 where channel=25
All very interesting, but why does it do that? To find out you need to look at some other tables in the account database...

cabal_character_count_table is the first place to look. Find an existing userid on your server and check the server idx, don't assume the server idx will be 24 like your configs.

If i look through cabal_newflagdata_table i can see my channel number has a chardataidx and an etcdataidx of 8 (we just changed this to 8 from 10). These 2 values are important as it tells the server what set of new character stats/equips etc. to use when creating new chars.

This table (cabal_newchardata_table for those that can't read title bars) holds the default stats, alz, mapcodes and a whole bunch of other stuff that gets used for new chars. Inventory, equips, quest data and some other stuff can be found in cabal_newetcdata. We have just told the server to use set 8 which you can see are not noobie stats, it was using 10 before just below the area i hilighted which are the normal new char stats.

If you look through these tables you will see that there are several different configurations. You can even mix and match the 2 values to use combinations of newchardata and newetcdata. You can even modify the sets using the info in darkxl's sticky to suit your own server, or even have multiple sets to have different new char data for high and low rate servers.

Warning: Most of the higher sets here have the equips already equipped but your stats aren't actually high enough to wear them as all of your points are unassigned. This does cause errors in the server logs and i have not done much testing for problems if you don't assign your stats high enough for the equips, but if you raise the stats straight away it should be fine. Obviously the better way is to alter the stats in the cabal_newchardata_table to match the kit the chars will be wearing th

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