[Excluesive]lineage 2 best site

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[Excluesive]lineage 2 best site

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:50 pm

We have finally finished our latest version, LineWeb 1.0.5. This time, we chose a pre-made template that already was out there, hope you'll like it.
We will not provide you with any screenshots this time, but a real Live Demo Preview instead!

Download : [URL="http://www.filefront.com/14777287/lineweb_1.0.5.rar/"]Click here[/URL]

Live Demo Front : Lineage II Demo Websiteâ™️€ rponce
Live Demo Admin : http://demo.l2web.org/admin/

Demo Administrator Login:
user : demo
password : demo123

(Some functions have been disabled, such as add / edit news for security reasons. So you will have some PHP Errors in some parts of the administrator area, but like I said, we have removed some files for security reasons. All the files will of course be there when you download your own copy and it will work great!)

We have included a .PSD file in the lineweb/psds/ folder so you can edit the logo.

Main Features:

- Register
- Login
- Quick Login Function
- Quick statistics function (server status, game server status, online players)
- Statistics (login server status, game server status, players online, total accounts, total characters, total gm characters, total clans)

Administrator Features:

- (NEW) New administrator skin
- (NEW) New server settings (Edit server settings, server rates, specs etc)
- (NEW) New website settings (Title, Note from the management, Contact Email, Rankings Limit)
- (NEW) Ads Management (Add, Edit & Delete)
- News management (add, edit & delete)
- Download management (add, edit & delete)
- Login
- Add administrator
- Logout (of course)

Member Panel Features:
- Automaticly views all your current characters when you login (name, level, kills etc)
- Change account password
- Delete account
- Logout

Credits :
And who ever created that website template in the first place.

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